Can You Get a Ticket for a Car Accident?

The short answer is yes, it is possible to get a ticket if you become involved in a car accident. This is by no means an automatic penalty to each and every motorist who figures into a collision. It can only be triggered if there is evidence of a traffic violation leading to the incident.

The police officers will investigate before the issuance. Motorists must then pay for the ticket on time to avoid greater penalties. If they feel that they were wrongly accused, then they can challenge it in court with help from a traffic ticket attorney.

Some of the most common reasons for ticketing in an accident are as follows:   


Going too fast is a recipe for disaster. There is usually a speed limit on roads that you must never exceed just to minimize the risk of collision with another car or a pedestrian.

In crash sites, authorities will always try to check for signs of speeding, as it is a common cause of road mishaps. They will ask eyewitnesses to describe what happened and look for physical evidence that will support these statements. Things like skid marks and unusually massive damage are telltale signs. If they are convinced, they will give you a speeding ticket.


Motorists are told to keep a good distance between themselves and the car that they are following at all times. The space provides them with a cushion in case something unexpected happens.

For example, the car right in front of them might suddenly stop in the middle of the highway. If they are too close, then they may not have enough time to engage the brakes. They will slam helplessly into the back of that vehicle.

Rear-ending due to following someone too closely is also a cause for ticketing, and it will not be cheap. Keep your distance to give yourself more time to react.


Officers will also be on the lookout for signs of intoxication. Many of those who get involved in an accident have been compromised by the substances they consumed.

This could be drugs or some type of alcoholic beverage. If the police think that you might be driving under the influence of these things, then you will be asked to take an on-the-spot test to verify their suspicions.

Motorists must cooperate with the authorities. Although the police cannot force anyone to take the test, they can issue a ticket to those who avoid it. It would be prudent to submit yourself to testing in most cases.


Motorists should always be careful when out on the road given the large number of accidents that occur every year. Most will be minor with only a small amount of property damage.

Others will be serious enough to result in injuries or even death. Those involved may face a long, arduous trial to determine fault and arrange for proper compensation.

Any traffic violation that you committed will be investigated. Expect a ticket for each of them if there is a good amount of evidence. Follow the instructions and pay the fines or challenge the ticket for a car accident in court.