Washington State Motorcycle Helmet Laws

If you’re a motorcyclist then you’re probably already aware that there are specific laws that pertain to motorcycle riders; laws that address motorcycle insurance, where motorcyclists can park, and certain rules of the road.

You also probably have an idea that you should wear safety gear so that you can protect against injury. In some states wearing a helmet is required by law, but is that the case in Washington State? Continue reading to learn more about Washington’s helmet law, and other safety tips and tricks for motorcyclists.

What are the Laws Regarding Motorcycle Helmets in Washington?

State law in Washington requires that all motorcyclists wear a helmet when they’re on the road. The helmet must also be outfitted with either a chin or neck strap. It has been shown in many studies that wearing a helmet can help save lives.

What are Some Other Ways to Protect Yourself from Being Hurt in a Crash?

Aside from wearing your helmet, what other ways can you protect yourself from being injured in an accident?

Never drink and drive – This may seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning as almost 1/3 of motorcycle collisions involve the use of alcohol. Just don’t do it.

Don’t speed – Speeding is a leading factor in motorcycle crashes, and crashes of all types. You shouldn’t speed or engage in other reckless driving that can lead to injury.

Wear other protective gear – Other protective gear, such as thick clothing and goggles, can help to keep you safe in an accident.

Pay attention to other drivers – You can be the best driver in the world but can still be injured by a dangerous driver. Always pay attention to the other drivers on the road.

Follow the rules of the road – Obey traffic signals and follow all traffic laws, because it’s just not worth your life.

Maintain your motorcycle – Believe it or not but a properly maintained bike can also keep you safe. Make sure that you get your bike into the shop to keep from being hurt in an accident caused by faulty parts.

Have You Been Hurt While Riding a Motorcycle in Washington State?

We all know that even when you wear your helmet you can still be severely injured if involved in a motorcycle crash. Motorcycle wrecks cause some of the most extensive injuries imaginable, and those injuries can lead to huge financial and non-financial damages for you.

Just for the trauma of your experience you deserve to be greatly compensated. You can also be compensated for medical bills, lost wages, and other financial losses.

Filing and winning a motorcycle claim isn’t easy though, so it’s probably a good idea to speak with a Seattle motorcycle crash lawyer about your case. You deserve to receive a fair settlement when someone’s caused your motorcycle crash injuries.

Contributory Fault: Why Alabama Injury Claims are Hard to Win

When an individual or company fails to act responsibly, and it results in damage to someone else, the guilty party could be accused of general negligence. If the injured person wants to lodge a claim for compensation for the damages they are welcome to do so by filing a lawsuit against the reckless party. General negligence claims include a number of incidences, such as dog bites, slip and fall injuries, car accidents and more.

However, negligence cases in Alabama can be tricky due to the states contributory negligence laws. This law occurs when the injured party was somewhat at fault, or played a part in the accident. If the injured party is proved to be even 1% at fault for the accident, under this contributory negligence law, the offending party pays nothing in damages.

Many juries in Alabama use a variation of this law in their verdicts, which is called comparative negligence. What this does is assign fault to both parties and have them each take responsibility for the amount of blame they carry. This also pertains to financial responsibility.

Therefore, the contributory negligence law makes it very hard for an injured victim to recover damages if the defense proves they were involved in, or part of, the accident in any way. This is why it is imperative that if you are involved in an accident in the state of Alabama that you hire an Alabama personal injury attorney.

These attorneys are equipped, experienced and skilled to advise you of all possible strategies that the other party may implement in their defense. They also ensure that your case is rightfully presented and that its integrity is protected from the other side.

Whenever you file a lawsuit against another individual or company, you must be able to prove that they had a duty to act in a reasonable manner but failed to do so. You must also be able to prove that they neglected this responsibility, or in some way did not fulfill the duty, and that the action, or lack thereof, caused your injuries. For example, this could mean that the owner of the property on which you were injured knew about the danger but chose to do nothing about it.

Last, you must be able to prove that you sustained quantifiable damage as a result of the accident. This could be in the form of medical expenses, loss of earnings as well as emotional trauma. Proving all of these elements could prove to be challenging on your own, however with the help of a qualified Alabama injury lawyer, you could easily win your case.




Lawyer SEO: How It Can Help You Grow Your Practice!

About Lawyer SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you are a lawyer seeking to grow your practice, then Lawyer SEO may just be perfect for you! Lawyer SEO is another way of referring to the concept of Legal Advertising (or the broader term of legal marketing with Internet marketing throw in. Lawyer SEO is essentially the art of using SEO tips and tricks to promote the services of a given lawyer or law firm and help the same rank well in search engine results.

Of course there are right ways and wrong ways to go about advertising as a lawyer. There are clearly defined rules governing that which is permissible and that which is not. Legal advertising activities when done right (that is within the provisions given) involve a mixture of using client testimonial, public relations and cross-selling among others.

Advertising on the Internet: How Lawyers Can Maximize SEO to promote their practice

In an age where persons are turning to the Internet more often than not to seek out businesses and the services they offer, and are increasingly doing so from mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. For any lawyer or law firm to capitalize on the same, it is necessary that they not only build a website to promote their services and share in this global market of mobile Internet users, but use SEO tactics to help get them get the maximum benefits therein.

Some of the SEO practices that lawyers can use to better promote their websites and services include:

• Making their website responsive and thereby mobile-friendly.
• Create landing pages and using targeted keywords for said landing pages
• Blogging and social media syndication
• Interactive and optimized videos, images and other content

among others.

Through SEO Internet marketing strategies and practices such as blogging, social media syndication and so forth, lawyers can put their websites to work for them in promoting their brand and services. This is due to the fact that SEO practices allows persons to expand the scope of their reach as they are far more likely to be able to engage their respective niches in a myriad of different ways. The multi-thronged approach that SEO offers allows for a more flexible and broader reach. Also, said SEO practices allow brands and services providers to stamp their authority within their given field, gain the respect of their prospective clients.

In addition to gaining respect and spreading the reach of their law firm and practice, there is also the fact that lawyers benefit from SEO as it increases the amount of traffic that they are able to drive to their website. This increased traffic when coupled with targeted landing pages can lead to higher conversion rates which is in essence a larger number of persons enquiring about and using the services being advertised. This in turn leads to a building a practice and firm that will continue to grow and benefit from the resulting increased revenues.

Get the Help You Need and Take Your Practice to the Next Level

As stated prior, there are rules governing just what is allowed as lawyers promote their practice and services. Add to this the intricacies of effectively implementing lawyer SEO and you may have quite a job on your hands. It is for this reason it is recommended that you hire professionals to help you get the job done, starting with getting no charge, no strings attached website audit. Marketing experts specializing in lawyer SEO can help you do just that. You can start getting the results you desire today.