How to Win Your Iowa Workers Comp Lawsuit

An injury suffered at the workplace can be devastating. Both the short-term and long-term costs of recovering from it can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to prepare for heavy financial costs, but you also must be wary of the possibility of suffering a disability and mental distress. Such effects have the power of messing up your quality of life. These concerns among others are the reason why the Workers Comp Program exists in Iowa.

Ideally, the compensation program is meant to help you and the insurance company (through your employer) agree to a settlement to prevent a trial. If what they suggest does not appeal you, then you can go to court. But before you take this route, you should know how to win your Iowa Workers Comp lawsuit:

1. Obtain Medical Help First

Don’t wait to discuss a settlement or proceed to court before you can seek medical help. The claim process normally takes longer than expected, so you shouldn’t risk aggravating the injury. Furthermore, this allows you to obtain medical records that you can use as evidence during the court hearing.

2. File the Injury Claim ASAP

Once you are on course to get the necessary medical treatment, you should report the injury legally. This is assuming that you’ve already reported to your employer and to the insurance company and they have denied you a settlement. Although the law allows you to file the claim within two years of suffering the injury, you should do it sooner to ensure that you get compensated as soon as possible.

3. Understand the Work Comp Benefits

When injured on the job and you are pursuing a lawsuit, it’s important to know what to ask for compensation. The Workers Comp Program provide you with disability benefits (in case the injury puts you off work for a specific time or for good), medical benefits (caters for the hospital costs), and mileage benefits (to compensate you for medical appointment travels), among others.

4. Beware of Private Investigators

When the insurance company doubts your credibility, it’s likely that they’ll hire private investigators to look into your claim. So, you must prepare for them. Here are some of the tips to use in case this happens:

  • Avoid being captured on surveillance camera doing things that contradict your claim.
  • Be on the lookout to see if a stranger is following you or watching your home.
  • Follow the doctor’s instructions so as not to give the investigators a reason to question your claim.

5. Get Witness Statements

When it comes to proving your story in front of a judge, you need people who can give their personal accounts to support yours. Ask them to write their statements down—this is better than verbal testimony since it can’t be changed and provides you with physical proof, even if the witnesses can’t make it to court.

6. Hire a Workers Comp Attorney

Last, but not least, you need a legal expert to help you prepare for the lawsuit and to defend you. If you are not sure who to call, just give workers comp attorney Niko Pothitakis a call. With the expert on your side, the process is much easier.

When you know how to win your Iowa Workers Comp lawsuit, it becomes easy to go to court and ask for compensation. The above tips will certainly help you get the most out of your injury claim.

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