Indiana Car Accident Laws

If the acts of a careless driver in Indiana have given you serious injuries, Indiana car accident laws can work in your favor. These laws define your rights and responsibilities as a car accident victim. They also lay down the available legal remedies. You can obtain compensation from the insurance company of the negligent driver. Alternatively, the negligent driver can go to jail for driving under the influence of alcohol or some other example of gross negligence.

Each year, road crashes cause more than 1.2 million deaths globally. In addition, 20 to 40 million people remain with disabilities and injuries because of car accidents. Over 50 percent of car crash deaths are young adults under 30 years of age.

A Simple Car Crash

A simple car crash where there are no serious injuries and the property damage is not substantial does not require the intervention of Indiana car accident laws. The law only deals with serious matters. If the collision is not serious, the parties in question can simply solve the issue without legal intervention. The party in the wrong can pay the victim an out of pocket amount that will cover the small repairs required.

A Complicated Car Crash

A car crash might be complex. It might have caused the loss of lives and the damage in question can be substantial. In such a case, Indiana car accident laws will have to determine the party in the wrong. Such a party will have to compensate all the accident victims. In a very serious crash, the responsible driver might have to serve jail time.

If your car has crashed into another car, you should immediately stop and remove your car from the road.

A court process might be needed to facilitate justice for the victims. On the other hand, all the parties can agree to handle everything through negotiation. That is because court cases usually drag on for long. The assistance of a car accident lawyer from Crossen Kooi Law will come in handy.

Indiana Hit-and-Run

Indiana car accident laws cover this. According to this law, you should remain on the hit-and-run scene. If you leave the scene, you will reduce your chances of obtaining compensation. You should note down the plate number of the negligent driver and, if possible, take pictures.

Whether you are a victim or a witness, you need to call the police, who will handle everything and facilitate justice. You can also call a car accident lawyer. Failure to stop and call the police is a serious offense in Indiana.

Indiana Car Accident Laws Are Very Serious

Considering the serious nature of careless driving, the state of Indiana has very strict laws that are not soft on careless driving. Because of these strict laws, most careless drivers have received harsh prison sentences.

Drunk driving is robbing families of breadwinners. It is making children become orphans. Some people have lost their jobs due to the actions of drunk drivers. That is why Indiana car accident laws do not tolerate drunken driving. A repeat offender is likely to obtain a very harsh penalty.

The Bottom Line

Indiana car accident laws have many provisions. They lay out what you must do on the scene of an accident. It is always good to remain on the accident scene until the police arrive. Under Indiana car accident laws, accident victims have a limited period to pursue compensation.