Los Angeles: City of Auto Accidents

Many people are killed or wounded in traffic accidents in LA, even though the city has tried to make the roads safer with its policy of Vision Zero, which was introduced in 2016. This policy’s aim is to lower the quantity of road injuries in LA and eliminate all fatalities within half a decade. To date, this has not occurred, and the quantity of fatalities and injuries keeps rising.

During 2017, which was the year after Vision Zero was introduced, fatal road accidents in LA increased by twenty-two percent. These days, LA has more fatalities and injury-causing automobile accidents than any other American city. The victims of such accidents can pursue damages by contacting LA injury attorneys Custodio & Dubey.

Proponents of Vision Zero argue that they’ve analyzed data concerning traffic collisions for over twelve months. During this time, they say, they have identified the city areas that have experienced the highest number of severe accidents. Many of these roads are scheduled to be rebuilt to slow motorists down and reduce avoidable fatalities. Many cities with policies like Vision Zero have reduced traffic accidents. New York is one such example, where deaths on the roads have declined for three consecutive years. In LA though, the rise in automobile deaths exceeds national averages. Over forty-thousand people lost their lives in vehicle collisions in 2016, which is an increase of six percent over the year before, according to the Council for National Safety.

The main factors responsible for these figures are vehicle speeds and a rise in the quantity of vehicles on the roads. Speed was identified as the underlying cause of almost six-and-a-half thousand fatal and injury causing LA road accidents in 2015. The LA Transport Department intends to address this by implementing conventional road safety measures (such as enforcement, engineering, assessment and education) by adopting a wider strategy that includes attempting to alter public attitudes about safety, and recognizing that all collisions are avoidable.

As a busy urban metropolis with a warm climate, LA has many cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists. Lots of road accidents in the city affect people who opt for these types of transport. Thousands of these people died or suffered injuries in LA automobile accidents during 2015.

LA pedestrians have right of way, and motorists must drive defensively and carefully to avoid injuring other drivers and pedestrians. Motorists who violate traffic rules, break speed limits, become distracted at the wheel, or drive after consuming alcohol or drugs can be prosecuted for injuries arising from their carelessness.

The enforcement procedure for speeding offenses in LA is hindered by a rule that stops the police from catching speeders with radar unless the area has had its traffic patterns studied. In addition, several traffic officers have been moved to other duties, due to increasing crime rates in the city. As a result, Los Angeles motorists have less reason to be worried about ignoring local traffic rules.

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