Resources for Victims of Sexual Abuse

In recent times, there has been a drastic increase in the number of sexual abuse victims who are coming out to speak against their abuses and to seek help. This encouraging trend can be attributed to the many resources for victims of sexual abuse that have been put in place over the years by both governmental and non-governmental organizations.

It was initially thought that women and girls, in particular, faced the greatest risk of sexual abuse, but it has recently been found that boys also face the same dangers. The following are examples of some helpful resources for victims of sexual abuse:

1. Hotlines & Call Centers

Currently, there are thousands of hotlines and call centers to help victims of sexual abuse. These hotlines are usually manned 24/7 and the operators have direct lines to law enforcement agencies. Victims of sexual abuse can call these hotlines to be rescued.

Witnesses can also call these hotlines anonymously to report incidences of sexual abuse. While different hotlines are usually dedicated to different types of sexual abuses, such as child, deaf, patient or elderly sexual abuse, anyone can call those hotlines to report sexual abuse.

2. Shelters and Support Centers

There are many shelters where the victims of sexual abuse or violence can go. These centers usually offer shelter, protection from aggressors, counseling, and both material and psychological support to the victims of sexual abuse. Women who are abused by their spouses or children who are sexually assaulted by their parents, neighbors, or teachers can go to these shelters and support centers to get all the help they may need.

3. Online Chat and Peer Support

Billions of people usually go online to search for information, socialize, or communicate. The victims of sexual abuse can get moral support, especially peer support, to help them get the courage to stand up for their rights or to escape from their abuser.

Several online chat and peer support platforms have been created over the years to help provide support to the victims of domestic abuse, child abuse, and sexual abuse. Since billions of people are online almost daily, online chats are perhaps the most useful resources for victims of sexual abuse.

4. Somatic Therapies

There are several institutions offering somatic therapies to help the victims of sexual abuse to recover. These therapies have been scientifically proven to be able to help victims to recover psychologically.

If you would like to get some justice for yourself or for your loved one, you should consider hiring a competent sexual abuse attorney in Chicago to help you out. You can sue your abuser for psychological torture, pain and suffering, among other things even after they have been incarcerated.

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