Tired Truckers Endanger Detroit Drivers

The size and weight of trucks make them dangerous machines on the road. It takes a high degree of skill for drivers to control these beasts for the sake of the public and themselves. In any collision, the lighter vehicle will always be more damaged. Cars are simply no match for hulking trucks whether they are stationary or going at full speed. The situation gets even more precarious when the truck drivers are tired from their work. According to studies, truckers are five times more likely to perish from a work-related accident compared to the average worker. Tired truckers endanger Detroit drivers as well.  

Work Hours

The US trucking industry is massive and has millions of drivers employed at any given time. However, there is a perennial shortage due to the high demand, few new hires, and increasing turnover. Young people are wary about the long working hours required for the job. They will have to be away from home for weeks at a time and many travel across the country regularly to deliver goods. The pay is also relatively low when you factor in the number of hours put in. Most will get just one day off each week if they are over-the-road drivers.

Idling Restrictions

These people don’t get a lot of chances to rest while on their shift either. They have deadlines to meet with strict cut-off times along the way. There is also a glaring insufficiency of parking spaces where they are most needed. They require lots of space and it can get prohibitively expensive to develop areas for parking near urban areas – which are their common destinations. There are also parking restrictions and prohibitions even in commercial spaces. In many states, there are idling restrictions that prevent them from staying at one place for more than five minutes. This can make their trips extremely stressful.


Other studies have found that many truck drivers suffer from sleep disorders. They may lack sleep in terms of both quantity and quality. Their long working hours leave them physically and mentally exhausted. Since they need to focus on work for most of the day, nearly every day, they lead a sedentary lifestyle in which they sit for long periods and are barely able to stretch their muscles. Dietary habits are also relatively poor since they need to grab and go throughout the day. Many will eat at fast-food joints that do not offer nutritious items on the menu.

Lack of sleep negatively affect cognitive function and results in sleepiness during the daytime. In short, truck drivers are often less than one hundred percent when they get behind the wheel. Tired people tend to have slow reflexes and impaired judgment. They have an inability to focus that could prove to be fatal in certain situations. Indeed, truck accidents result in multiple fatalities every year and billions of dollars in damages. Those who have been affected by these accidents may get in touch with a Detroit truck accident lawyer to explore options regarding compensation.

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