Types of Commercial Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks can get involved in accidents both on the highways and city roads. Several things could cause these trucks to collide with passenger vehicles or other motorists on American roads. In this article, we’ll look at the types of commercial truck accidents.

Common Truck Accident Types

There are different types of commercial trucks that are designed to carry out unique jobs. However, the one thing that puts them all in one category is their sheer size and their capacity to inflict serious harm on passenger vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists that they share the road with.

Flatbed Truck Accident

A flatbed truck doesn’t have a compartment. Therefore, the load it hauls lies on its flat bed and should be secured carefully so that the cargo’s weight doesn’t shift and cause the vehicle to tip and cause an accident.

Box Delivery Truck Accident

A box truck is typically used to deliver packages in commercial districts and neighborhoods. These wide, tall trucks have blind spots that mitigate the driver from seeing if another vehicle is overtaking them quickly, particularly when the other vehicle is on the truck’s right side. A box truck driver who makes local deliveries has tight deadlines to meet. This means the driver could move a bit quicker than normal and also slightly aggressively, which poses danger to other motorists and pedestrians on the road.

Trash Truck Accident

A garbage truck is usually wide, heavy, and tall. This makes maneuvering the truck in suburban neighborhoods and on city streets challenging. They therefore could pose a hazard to bicyclists and pedestrians since the blind spots do not let the driver see what is trying to overtake the truck from behind.

Dump Truck Accident

A dump truck is another variant of a large truck that could lose balance and tip. A large dump truck could cause a major accident if it spills its contents on the road. Such spilling may not hurt the truck much, but it would definitely pose a driving hazard to vehicles behind the truck.

Cement Truck Accident

A concrete truck’s drum constantly rotates while the truck is moving. These trucks are massive and unwieldy and could be challenging to operate either on the highway or city streets. When these large trucks end up crashing, they cause serious property damage and injuries.

Accident Causes

Negligence and human error cause most of these accidents. When a driver is not fully attentive on the road, the chances of an accident go up. Distracted driving, drunk driving, lack of driver training, speeding, and drowsy driving are all kinds of driver negligence. Unbalanced loads, mechanical problems, and defective equipment could be due to improper maintenance.

If you’ve been on the receiving end of a truck driver’s negligence on the road, contact an Indianapolis truck crash attorney to take your case forward.

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